Online learning will not isolate your child unless you allow that to happen. Many online schools do different activities monthly to get the children involved with their fellow classmates. There are different educational field trips and class incentive trips that your child can get involved in. Doing online schooling is a more convenient way for a child to learn if they are having issues at public school. Doing school work from home can allow the parents to be more involved with their Childs education.Didn’t catch that? href=’’>This explains it. The parents should keep contact with all the Childs teachers and a weekly phone call should be put in order. Make sure the child is getting all the necessary work done, but also allow them to have some freedom. Children who isolate themselves tend to become depressed because they don’t have friends to associate with, but this doesn’t always have to happen. More and more cyber schools are using the Skype and webcams which allow the students to interact and see each other over the virtual web. Technology is what allows this to happen, but it’s a good thing because it allows kids to associate and make friends with their classmates that they may not know. More info here: Author’s Day, Play Day, and Field Trip Info

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